About Us

About Us

Our all natural hair care line, Our Grandmother's Hair(OGH), has the main ingredient of authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil from Jamaica. Our OGH Hair Gold has ben known to help stimulate and retain growth. People use our OGH Shampoo and Conditioner to help cleanse their scalp, remove build-up, and moisturize their hair. From Jamaica to Pittsburgh, the cofounders of Our Grandmother’s Hair used their grandmother’s handmade Jamaican Castor Oil to create a line of hair care products.

Our cofounders are from Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica and Coatesville, PA but our business Our Grandmother’s Hair was founded in Pittsburgh, PA.

Denija DuCasse (Co-founder) as an individual has been natural for over 12 years. I started to make my own shampoo as a way to ensure that the product that I was using to wash my hair included all natural ingredients. It’s been about 5 years that I’ve been making my own shampoo and maybe about a year since I have been making conditioner. 

Brittney Franklin (Co-Founder) started making hair gold growth oil when the pandemic hit last year and she wanted to ensure that she was able to stimulate growth without having access to other hair care products. She used it on everyone in the household, including her 3 year old son, whose hair is now thicker than it has ever been.

Our Grandmother’s Hair, the name and business, was created for a couple reason. First being the fact that my (Denija) grandmother Beryl Barnes passed away at the end of 2020. At the time of her passing we were in the process of preparing to launch our hair care line and it made sense to pay tribute to her. The other more obvious reason is the fact that our grandmother hand makes all of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil that we use in our products. She has been making and selling Castor Oil in Jamaica for several years now and has always told me that she wants her descendants to learn her trade to keep the family business going. 
And lastly, we understand that our genes and natural tresses come from our grandparents and other ancestors. Without them there would be no us so we have to acknowledge their influence in everything that we do

Our greatest influence has been Madam C J Walker. We had the wonderful experience of watching her documentary on Netflix that allowed us to see that the mission with establishing a natural hair care line was possible. We also have been influenced by our parents and grandparents that have shown perseverance, hard work, determination and the epitome of ambitious.

Our brand is Natural and authentic. We use all natural ingredients that are organic and non GMO. We take pride in the fact that our primary ingredient of Jamaican Black Castor oil is imported directly from Jamaica and handmade by our founder’s grandmother.

We are motivated by our consumers and the fact that we know we have a product that can and does work to help people gain their confidence and poise back. Our family motivates us and of course our young King is the driving force to make sure we can leave a legacy for him to continue to share with the world. We are also motivated by ensuring that we put our families in the position to live a fulfilling life free from any financial worries.

One of our goals, is to open a holistic and therapeutic center that people can come to and find true healing. We would also like to open a plant just like it in Jamaica to help some of the individuals understand the importance of mental health.

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