Listen when I tell you these products are the truth...They really are. I’m 32 so my hair has been thin for 32 years. In a matter of 2 -3 weeks it’s now has a natural thick quality to it. I’m beyond pleased. Not to mention the growth.. Don’t even second guess it just buy it...I wouldn’t tell no lies we know our hair is our crown. My crown been thanking me lately...

Stephanie H.

I've been using the hair gold for about a month and a half. This has been the only product that has helped with beard growth (Filling in patches). Also not much product is needed so the product last!

Corey B.

I absolutely love love love the shampoo and conditioner! As someone with 4C Hair that soaks up moisture, it was so refreshing to use a product that actually makes my hair feel soft after using it. I can't rave enough about how amazing it makes scalp feel too! TOP TIER!

Monique S.

Everyone has sensitive parts of their hair. OGH has made my hair full of volume. I have been struggling to grow the left nape area. This line has made a tremendous difference! I’m wearing my crown with confidence! The products are light weight and good for all hair types. Since the ingredients are rich I use the products on my children too. I will forever be a OGH customer!

Aaliyah L.

I've been using these products for over a year; the shampoo and conditioner helped immensely after a fungus damaged my hair pretty badly, all I wore was wigs and now I absolutely kid you not these products are amazing and has been doing wonders for me. The hair growth oil OMG❤.
Thank you guys
For making me feel confident again wearing my natural hair😘.

Shaneka P.

I was so happy with the entire process dealing with this company, the website was so user friendly and easy to navigate. My purchase process was quick and I received my product fast. My wife was very happy with the products I ordered. I would whole heartedly recommend Our Grandmother’s Hair the products are amazing and the team is great to do business with

Ciardi F.

I am so in love with Our Grandmother's hair products. I am happy I found a product that is organic and gentle and smells great that I can used in my hair and my four years old Daughters hair as well with no worries. Thank you OGMH😁

Stephanie L. 


I’ve been using @ourgrandmothershair for about two months now, the shampoo and conditioner doesn’t make my hair feel stripped, dry or damaged. The product leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and manageable. The drops are the icing on the cake! The summer is here so protective styles are a must have! I put the drops in the fridge, because I love the cooling sensation, and my hair eats it up. Get up on this line y’all! I’m gonna need industrial size bottles 😭

Chantel C.

I really love Ourgrandmothers products the oil keeps the moisture in my hair even days after putting it in. The shampoo does not dry out my hair which is great, because other shampoos I’ve used dried out my hair which damaged it.

Aliyah S.